Youth Events

The following is a list of activities geared towards or suitable for younger attendees.
FRIDAY 17th October

FAMILY FILMS from Ballydehob

War Of The Buttons, by John Roberts
Mess-age In A Bottle, by Christine Gaughran
Popcorn & sweets provided
4:30pm – 6:30pm
Community Hall : entry free

SATURDAY 18th October


Workshop with Thomas Weigandt
Midday – 2pm (age 8 to adult)
Community Hall : entry – donation

Thomas Weigandt


Workshop with Thomas Weigandt
Thomas Wiegandt is a multi-artist who has worked in many different disciplines such as photography, multi-media painting, sculpture, jewelry, film, and also in music as a multi-instrumentalist, specialising in ethnic music and African style drumming.

Since 1971 he has performed and exhibited in many places. Thomas likes to explore new approaches often using natural or recycled man-made materials. He has given hundreds of community music workshops all over Ireland. His latest project is the Magic Forest in Ballybane, which is a beautiful nature reserve open to the public in an old sally grove, with twisted pathways and special spaces with sculptures, works of art and also a sound space, the “Ballybane Gamelan”, with a carefully assembled collection of recycled good sounding everyday objects used as musical instruments.

Websites: and


Singer / songwriter workshop with
Hazel Humphrys & Friends.
Hazel will help you find your voice!
2pm – 3:30pm (age 8 upwards)
Ballydehob Social Club : entry – donation

Hazel Humphrys


Singer / Songwriter Workshop
Hazel has been writing songs since she was nine years old and is the founder and lead singer of the band ‘The Mad Hatters’. Most songs are written by Hazel but some are written with her band members, Leah and Beth. Hazel had her debut gig at the Ballydehob Social Club and ‘The Mad Hatters’ first gig was at a local weekend festival.

The band has completed one album ‘All the Animals’ and is in the middle of the second ‘Can’t Resist’. Hazel is now twelve years old and loves music and song writing and wants to share her passion with others. Hazel plays piano, cello and guitar.

Do you have a passion for music? Are you interested in song writing? Do you want to be singing your own songs up on stage?

Hazel will help you to find your voice!


Workshop with Sally Smart
2pm – 4pm (age 6 upwards)
Community Hall : entry – donation


Punk n Suzy
with Doctor Dink
3:30pm – 4:45pm (all ages)
Ballydehob Social Club : entry – donation

Punk n Suzy


with Doctor Dink
The Doc studied puppetry in Glasgow at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, and clowning at L’Universite de Deux Pommes de Terre. During the 1980’s, as a co-founder of the much loved Clown Jewels Theatre Group, he toured extensively in the Highlands and Islands before travelling to Ireland in ‘91 with his solo show “Punk n Suzy“.

Since settling in West Cork his puppetry and tomfoolery have been part of many local theatre and festival productions, notably the Sult spectaculars “Battle of Murahin” and “The Return of the Giant Fionn Mac Cumhail”.

The Punk n Suzy show is a riotous tale of merry mayhem. A firm favourite with all the family, it ranks as a modern day classic.


Sculpture Trail
by Wendy Miles
with Caz Jeffreys (Acapellabella)
Bring instruments and voice, All welcome. Children to be accompanied by an adult.
5:15pm – 6:15pm
An Sanctoir : entry – donation

Caz Jeffreys


“I have a wide personal taste in styles and genres which enables me to be flexible and adaptable in all I undertake. I love working with most age groups and capabilities, and in many different environments.

Over the years I have been involved in many wide-ranging music related projects. Driven by enthusiasm and creativity, my innate love for music has enabled me to respond to requests to produce a host of community-driven and private projects and events. I am able to adapt to a variety of roles, as creator of exciting one-off projects as well as leading ongoing groups such as community choirs.”



by Wendy Miles
Just under a mile long, the trail runs through the nature reserve of An Sanctoir, featuring the sculpture and installation work of local artist Wendy Miles.

The sculpture trail, entitled Sanctuary, is a ramble through nature, including a beautiful woodland walk, bog meadow, riverside, meadows, lake and rocky mountain land, with stunning views of the West Cork landscape.

Many of the sculptures are interactive and the artwork as a whole is literally to go on a journey. Walkers are helping create the trail by marking the landscape with their footsteps.

All welcome, waterproof footwear recommended.

SUNDAY 19th October


Gourtnagrough Museum
Meet at Danno’s Statue. Entry – donation

The suggested donation for donation events is 5 euro to cover costs and materials. However, everyone is welcome and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds, so come to everything! Pass the hat events are exactly that. Give what you can 🙂

Please note: programme may be subject to slight change so check back again closer to the weekend.